I’m sorry for the lack of updates on this website. I have been really busy in 2014, lots of interesting projects running! For who have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, the latest updated works here might not be totally new. Anyways, I finally had the proper time to add the works of 2014, starting by the posters I did for ESPN to the World Cup FIFA 2014. It’s a series of 32 posters featuring the key players of each national team. It was a really big work and I enjoyed so much doing it.
Also, I added the poster of UFC 179, the historical fight between Aldo vs Mendes. This work is memorable because it was the first time that UFC tried a different way to make an official fight poster, using illustration instead photos. Also, this work got very appreciated by the public and press, some of the specialized press even placed this poster as one of the best so far. I’m very proud!
And finally, the third group of works added is for a new client, Under Armour. I’ve been asked to create the illustrations for their website, more precisely for the clothing line “Alter Ego”, based in comic characters suits.
I hope to keep the website updated, as soon I have authorization to post the works :) Anyways, you are welcome to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the links are at the bottom of the page.
A great 2015 for all!

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