To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, ESPN teamed up with Wieden & Kennedy, and I, in creating a series of posters with the 32 teams in the tournament, featuring the best players and nicknames of all the national teams.
As a football fan, I must say that this was a dream project to work on. To be able to contribute my illustration work to this project and live the World Cup with such intensity, made me proud and motivated to go along the almost four months of intense hard work to complete the illustrations of the players and crests in time for the event.
The reception that the posters received, after releasing, was a big surprise. I realized the popularity ESPN across the world is big, but I never could expect to see so many spontaneous sharing, blog posts, press and even football stars (as Mario Balotelli, Joel Campbell, Tim Cahill, Clint Dempsey, among others) have been sharing the posters and changing their avatars to the posters on their social network profiles.
In time, I hope to see this whole project as a statement of a memorable World Cup, that happened in my country and that I had the opportunity to contribute with my work.
Below, you can see all the posters created. Also, some bonus work for the other stages of the World Cup: Groups stage, USA “I Believe” campaign, Final Match and German Champions.
ESPN creative direction: Bryan McAleer, Brendan J. Gillen, Tomas Ferraro, Julian Gompertz; ESPN RP: Ana Lívia Coelho; Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York; ECD: Susan Hoffman; Creative directors: Brandon Henderson, Caleb Jensen; Art director: Mathieu Zarbatany; Design director: Serifcan Ozcan; Graphic designer: Ben Clark; Illustrator: Cristiano Siqueira; Illustrator Representation: Erika Groeschel.